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As of July 2018, the MoCo has a new firmware (v1.2).  If you wish to upgrade the firmware of your MoCo you may send it to us.  We can flash the firmware within 1 business day from receiving the MoCo and send back.

There is no fee for flashing but a shipping cost is assessed.

Contact us for more information.


v1.0 4/15/2017
Initial Release

v1.1 05/23/2017
• Remote entry/exit of Ping-Pong Mode
• Ping-Pong Mode Gain adjustment set to 1/2 of gain pot value
• Throttle values to accommodate control transmitters end-point value at 100%.
• PWM scaling changed from 1000us/2000us to 1100us/1900us
• Serial Protocol Added
• 2 sec. Startup Delay added to prevent motor from spinning on power-up
• Fail Safe sensing added for AR610 rx
• LED light bug fixes

v1.2 07/30/2018
• Added Spektrum PPM compatibility
• Added power on toggle function for RC/PPM